The Spooky Bundle! Happy Halloween!

This Halloween take your tokes out of some awesome Halloween-themed bongs and a Halloween-themed pumpkin orange bubbler!

Introducing the Spooky Bundle! The Best Halloween Themed smoking box!

The Spooky Bundle comes with a Halloween-themed water pipe, a Halloween-themed pumpkin orange bubbler, and a Halloween-themed Rolling Tray that features all your favorite spooky characters!

This bundle is awesome for parties or seshes with your friends this month! Show off your brand new GLOW IN THE DARK ghost bong, pumpkin orange bubbler, and rolling tray with beloved characters like Dracula, a Mummy, a wich, Frankenstein, and even Jason!

The Glow in the Dark bongs features ghost faces which glow in different styles! Check out the pictures below!

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The Glow Ghost!

This piece glows with intense brightness! This piece will actually give the smoke inside an ectoplasmic green hue, ( this is of course just because of the glowing ghosts on the outside and does not actually change the color of the smoke whatsoever.) Show off this Halloween with this awesome Halloween themed glass!

This bundle is the perfect vibe for this Halloween season! get this awesome glow in the dark bong and more from our shop here at HazeWayz!

Stoner Kits! If you’re a stoner you’ll love these!

Welcome to Stoner Kits! These kits are the perfect way to get your supply re-up in! Wraps, Papers, Cones, Pre-rolled Tips, Clipper Lighters these kits have it all! Click one to learn more about each Stoner Kit!

The Spooky Bundle is a limited-time-only stoner kit! This exclusive kit is only available from HazeWayz and won’t last long! Grab yours today!

Our stoner kits are curated to focus on specific brands or flavors! Do you love RAW rolling papers? The RAW essentials bundle will have all you need to re-up your RAW stash! This kit comes with RAW rolling papers, RAW organic tips, a Clipper Lighter (these are collectible and refillable, they also have a packing tool BUILT-IN! this comes in very useful for packing your cones down!) as well as a smell-proof stash bag! This Halloween grab both The Spooky Bundle and a RAW essentials stash to have a great time with your friends and hide your stash right after!

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