Stuff N’ Go – 4 packs of Cones!


4 packs of cones for just $9.99

Zig Zag, RAW, Blazy Susan, Cyclones, and more!!

Rolling not for you? Love Packing Cones? This one’s for you!!

1 Smell Proof Stash Bag!


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4 packs of Pre Rolled cones for just $9.99!!!! This is the best bundle for those that love to stuff cones! This bundle will contain 4 packs of pre-rolled cones from varying brands and of different sizes. These will be hemp cones and paper cones. This is the best bundle for those who want to just pack and go. Without the hassle of rolling up you can get to your herb much faster. Wide variety of cones every single month!

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Weight.8 lbs


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