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The best smoking subscription boxes from HazeWayz!

The Roll Your Own box is perfect for any stoner who loves dry herbs. Your box will always come with a minimum of 5 hemp wraps and 3 packs of rolling paper, as well as a rolling tray. They often come with a grinder to assist you with rolling up quickly, as well as other goodies, and always have at least a $40 retail value.
Your box will contain a variety of products.



Welcome to the Roll Your Own box!

Types of items in boxes:

Each box is made to order and will contain a variety of the following. Papers, Mini Grinder, Mini Tray, Hemp Wraps, Rolling Machine, Lighters, splitters, glass screens, Other Accessories. The perfect box for dry-herb lovers. The contents are changed every month to make sure your collection stays fresh. The pictures represent the types of items you will receive, not the same box. !! LOG IN HERE TO MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND VIEW YOUR TOKES !!

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Weight.8 lbs


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