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Are you looking for the ultimate stoner subscription box? Say hello to the Bulk Buyer Box!

We understand the value of buying in bulk and want you to know that it works here at HazeWayz as well. This box will contain a high-quality water pipe as well as wraps, papers, a metal grinder, a Clipper lighter, as well as a doob toob. The Bulk Buyer box was designed to provide everything you’ll need to get started on an awesome sesh all in one go!



The ultimate stoner subscription box! What’s in the box? This box comes with everything you could need if you enjoy smoking concentrate or dry herbs… Or a mix of both!

Here’s what you’ll get: A medium sized waterpipe ranging from 6-12 inches tall, 5 packs of hemp wraps, 3 packs of papers, a metal grinder, a Clipper lighter, as well as a doob toob!

The pictures represent the types of items you will receive, not the exact box. Contents are changed every month for our stoner subscription boxes!! LOG IN HERE TO MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND VIEW YOUR TOKES !!SUBSCRIPTION SHIPPING SCHEDULEFor everyone to get their boxes on time we ship all orders by the 5th of every month! Your subscription will renew on the 11th of every month 1st box is shipped 5-7 days after ordering. All future boxes ship on the 5th. Earn loyalty “Tokes” on sign up+ every renewal!! *10 tokes on sign up*  

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