Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Mississippi assembly And Heads To Governor’ desk

Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Mississippi assembly And Heads To Governor’ desk.

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South Carolina Senate Begins Long-Anticipated Medical Marijuana dialogue South Carolina’s Senate launched a debate on a medical marijuana bill on Wednesday, marking the first time within the Republican sponsor’s eight-year legalization effort that his legislation has made it to the chamber floor. The body is predicted to carry many full legislative days’ worth of debate on the measure before taking a vote on it.

The Compassionate Care Act was profiled in late 2020 and passed out of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee last March; however, the legislator blocked it from reaching the chamber floor in 2021. Since then, the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Tom Davis (R), has increased his urge to the account across the end line.

“What I’ve attempted to do over the last several months is make the intellectual argument,”

Davis said,

“make the argument based on logic, make the argument based on the law, make the argument based on what these empirical studies show.”

Davis spent a lot of Wednesday’s floor session answering queries from critics who seemed to have little understanding of medical marijuana programs in different states. He emphasized that the new program would be relatively restricted in scope, forbidding patients from smoking or even possessing the plant variety of marijuana and limiting qualifying conditions to solely those that evidence shows cannabis can help.

“One of the things that I decided timely was that this was going to be a different kind of medical cannabis bill,”

He said.

“It wasn’t going to be just like the medical cannabis bills within the thirty-six other states that have medical cannabis laws because I needed it to be a very tightly regulated medical bill.”

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Instead of a back door to full legalization. As the result of an agreement with Senate majority leader Shane Massey (R), Davis aforementioned last week, the bill was created in a particular order, which means that currently that senators have begun a dialogue on the measure, they’re going to need to vote thereon before taking on different legislation. Davis also said House Speaker Jay Lucas (R) has agreed to

“allow the bill to go through the House process” if it advances through the Senate. However, an advocator for Lucas later told the Charleston Post and messenger that “Sen. Davis doesn’t represent Speaker Lucas.”

“that we’re going to be standing here in three or four months celebrating a bill signing” with Gov. Henry McMaster (R).

Davis has stressed the bill’s conservative approach to medical marijuana, more limited than legislation that Mississippi lawmakers sent to their governor’s table on Wednesday. Advocating for the setup of the last session, the South geographical area senator repeatedly referred to as

“the most conservative medical cannabis bill within the country.” “I understand what South Carolinians want,”

He aforementioned at the time.

“They want to empower doctors; they want to help patients; they do not want recreational use.”

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On the Senate floor Wednesday, Davis said he was willing to entertain more amendments to tighten the bill, for instance, by finding some way to involve state-licensed pharmacists in dispensing medical marijuana more closely. As drafted, the nose, S. 150, would permit patients with qualifying conditions to possess and get cannabis merchandise from authorized dispensaries. It’d impose two-week sales limits on patients, allowing them to buy up to 4,000 milligrams of THC in cannabis-infused topicals, 1,600 milligrams in edible merchandise, or 8,200 milligrams in oils meant for vaporization.

Smokable products, additionally as home cultivation of cannabis by patients or their caretakers, would be forbidden. Patients caught smoking small amounts of marijuana would be subject to a fine of up to $500 for a primary offense. Succeeding offenses would carry a misdemeanor criminal penalty and up to thirty days in jail.

Whereas more qualifying conditions can be additionally added within the future, the bill specifies cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, sickle cell anemia, ulcerative colitis, cachexia or wasting syndrome, autism, nausea in homebound or end-of-life patients, muscle spasms and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) provided a patient will establish they experienced one or additional traumatic events.

Patients diagnosed with not up to one year to measure may additionally qualify. Notably, the bill would also enable access among patients with “any chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that an opioid is present or can be prescribed by a medical practitioner supported typically accepted standards of care,” for instance, severe or persistent pain. Medical marijuana would be subject to the state’s 6 % sales tax, and however, the bill specifies that.

“no different tax could also be obligatory on the acquisition of cannabis or cannabis products,”

As well as by native governments. Once funding the new program’s costs, ninety percent of revenue would head to the state’s general fund, with the rest distributed among research to discover drug-impaired drivers (3 percent), drug safety education (2 percent), and independent university research into cannabis dosing, efficacy, side-effects, and connected subjects.

For the initial rollout, regulators would approve fifteen licenses for vertically integrated marijuana businesses to control production, distribution, and sales. The bill would authorize over 100 dispensaries, and the bill would even grant licenses to freelance testing laboratories.





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