The Journey starts

The Main Goal

Smoking supplies are just too expensive!! $100+ for a nice piece? Over $10 for just a few wraps? This is ridiculous!! Two friends thought the same thing, and decided to slash prices for everyone!!

Progress made

HazeWayz Opens its virtual doors!

HazeWayz opens its virtual doors to everyone!! We slashed prices on everything in the smoking market and tossed it up for you to grab. Our mission to make the luxury smoking experience accessible to everyone is underway.

Where we are!

The hill we climb

We are here with deals, but everyone doesn’t know the awesome value brought by HazeWayz just yet. We rely on our amazing community of tokers to spread the word! It’s time to Toke The HazeWayz!!

HazeWayz is more than a shop, It's a community.

CLimb The Hill with us

Our Mission

Make Quality Smoking Supplies easily accessible to all!

Let's Climb Together!

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